The Best New Messaging Features in IOS 14

Apple’s iMessage has long been the best method for sending and receiving texts (of course, only from iPhone to iPhone). With the release of iOS 14, what is now known simply as Messages has several new features that really benefit our avid group texting.

Once you select a group chat, you can name each conversation and assign a custom image to it. Just click on a group chat, then on the names at the top, then on the “i” for information.

Messages also doesn’t allow you to pin your most important conversations to the top, so no more scrolling to find just the right thread. All you have to do is hold the chat for a long time until the dropdown appears and select “pin”.

If your group chat gets a little unmanageable, you can tag certain people to make sure they saw your message: just enter one person’s name, tap on it when it turns gray, then select their contact card when it appears. This will alert the person that you’ve reached out to them directly. You can also reply to just one message by holding down a specific item for a long time until the “reply” option appears. Anything you type will be added directly below the original message.


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