Try These New GeForce RTX 3080 Crash Drivers

When you spend hundreds of dollars on a top-notch graphics card, the last thing you want to deal with is countless crashes every time you use it. But it seems that this applies to a number of owners of the new GeForce RTX 3080; for some reason new Nvidia graphics cards crash in some games.

To complicate matters further, the source of the crash problems is difficult to pinpoint. As PC Gamer recently described :

For our part, we ran into problems when testing third-party versions of the RTX 3080, in particular cards with factory overclocking. Interestingly, the driver glitch only raised its ugly head when we ran 1080p benchmarking, not at 1440p or 4K, and also only in certain games. We tested a new pre-firmware with factory overclocking disabled, but we still ran into the same issue.

However, lowering the frequency of the GPU itself fixed the stability issue, and for that we only needed a slight offset of -30 percent. This indicates potential stability problems in the card’s power supply subsystem.

While there is a lot of speculation that capacitors on various cards might cause glitches to some degree, I would not return your RTX 3080 yet. First, try installing the latest GeForce drivers from Nvidia (456.55 at the time of this writing). to see if that fixes some of your system crash issues.

According to Nvidia, the update “improves the stability” of your new graphics cards – and that’s as many details as Nvidia was willing to share yesterday in a short forum post , in addition to hinting that the announced capacitors might not be a problem. … It’s a little too early to say if this will fix every glitch that users have reported, but it never hurts to run the latest drivers for your graphics card. You can of course download them manually , but I recommend installing the handy Nvidia GeForce Experience tool.

Not only will you get a little notification when new drivers are ready, but you can also automatically download them in the background when they become available. So all you have to do is hit the Express or Custom install buttons and you’re done. In a few minutes, you’ll have completely new drivers installed (and you might not even need to restart your system before you can return to the game; I didn’t).

However, if you are still experiencing crashes after updating your driver, it might be worth contacting your card manufacturer to explain the problem and see if they can offer any help. You may be sent a replacement video card that will perform better; although it is also possible that you might run into the same problem.


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