How to Know If You’re Buying a New Xbox

Even seasoned gamers have to agree: Microsoft’s naming conventions for their Xbox game consoles are terrible. They make sense if you’ve played the same consoles for many years. But if you’re not at all gamblingcoughing parents — then I implore you. Don’t buy the wrong Xbox for yourself or the recipient of the gift.

It’s all Microsoft’s fault. Since the pre-order process for all upcoming flagship game consoles has been terrible, there have been a lot of people who mistakenly bought this generation’s Xbox rather than the new Xbox because they saw it was in stock and didn’t do their research.

To help you, here’s a quick guide.

The latest generation Xbox you don’t want to buy right now

Title: Xbox One X

Launch date: November 2017

What it looks like:

How much: $ 400-600, depending on where you find it (since it’s discontinued)

Why you should buy this: Don’t. This is the latest generation of discontinued console. Please don’t waste a dollar on the Xbox One X. If you bought it foolishly or aren’t sure you bought it, you can check it out. Hope your seller’s return policy is generous.

The Last Generation Xbox You Don’t Want To Buy Right Now (Part Two)

Title: Xbox One S

Launch date: Aug 2016

What it looks like:

How much it costs: $ 250-300, depending on whether you bought the disc-readable version or the all-digital version.

Why you should buy this: Don’t. It’s older than the Xbox One X. You know better, but just in case you made a mistake, you should definitely return it and pretend that your wrong purchase never happened.

The latest Microsoft consoles you should buy (nobody seems to be pre-ordering)

Names: Xbox Series S; Xbox X series

Launch date: November 2020

How do they look:

How much: $ 300 for the Xbox Series S $ 500 Xbox Series X

Why you should buy them: Because you shouldn’t pay nearly the same prices for equipment that is more than three years old (obviously). These are the latest Microsoft game consoles and are very difficult to pre-order at this time. So, chances are you won’t be buying anything right now, but this is how you know you are taking the right step.

If you stumble upon a «Xbox» hangout for sale or even try to go on the way scalping eBay, make sure you buy the right console. Check the pictures. Check name. Check specifications . Don’t buy anything that has the word “One” in its name. “Serial” is something you want to take care of.

Confusing? Not really for gamers; for parents, Duc. Perhaps that is why recently there has been a rapid purchases increase Xbox One. Don’t be that kind of people. Don’t buy the wrong Xbox.


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