Is This the Easiest Way to Eat Chicken Wings?

Few things are as American as a humble chicken wing, so when we saw this nifty hacker on TikTok’s new all-American app, we had to try it.

On TikTok, user @josh__kirk clicks on the meat of a chicken wing to detach it from the bone and turn it into a small lollipop. Then Mr. Kirk dips his turntable in the cheese dressing and eats it in one go.

Along with ribs, crab legs, and Cap’n Crunch Smartfood Popcorn Blend , chicken wings are by far one of the hardest (and dirtiest) foods to eat right. While Drumett can provide ample meat, the twin-boned wing often leaves you hungry and leaves extra meat that doesn’t seem worth the extra effort.

Therefore, to test this trick, we purchased exactly two (two!) Chicken wings. I no longer had the traditional buffalo wings at my disposal. Instead, I removed the wings from a grilled chicken from a local grocery store. Was I able to reproduce the TikTok results while Deputy Editor (and committed vegetarian) Jordan stared at him in horror? Watch the video above to find out.


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