How to Fix Audio Paused Error in Pixel Buds

Google is finally fixing an annoying bug that has plagued Pixel Buds users for weeks: every minute and fifty seconds, wireless headphones suddenly paused during playback. Each. Lonely. Time.

The error is not universal, but widespread. Luckily, if you are one of the many who have encountered this problem, a new firmware update is available that should ease the annoyance .

Pixel Bud firmware updates are usually downloaded automatically, so you may have already applied the patch. If you turned off automatic updates, you will receive a notification on your phone when a new update becomes available. You can also go to Settings> More> Firmware Update in the Pixel Buds app to manually check for updates.

To install the update, connect your Pixel Buds to your Android phone via Bluetooth. After syncing your devices, your phone will download any needed updates and transfer them to Pixel Buds. According to Google support , the transfer can take up to ten minutes, but you can continue to use the headphones while the files are in transit.

Once the update is installed on your Pixel Buds, you need to give the earbuds a few minutes in the charging case to install the files. The good news is that removing the Pixel Buds from their case before the update is complete simply pauses the process – it will resume when you put them back in. So if you’re still getting sudden pauses during playback, let your Pixel sit in the charging case for a few more minutes to make sure the setup is complete.

The pause bug is the only issue fixed in this new update, but there are many others that need fixing, such as widespread reports of destructive white noise and frequent blackouts. Hopefully they’ll be fixed in future updates, but at least you can now listen to your tunes without the Pixel Buds turning off regularly every minute and fifty seconds.


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