How to Participate in World Cleaning Day

Saturday is World Cleaning Day , and while we don’t need a specific day to encourage us to collect trash in our communities, 2020 has given us many other things to worry about. So reminding us to collect trash in the park right now is not only really helpful right now, but also a very tangible thing we can do to improve our community, especially when it seems like so much is out of our control.

This effort is spearheaded by the Alliance to End Plastic Waste , an international non-profit organization dedicated to exactly what it sounds like – ending plastic waste in the environment. All you and your kids really need is trash, an attachment, and a desire to live on a cleaner planet.

To fully participate in cleaning, download the Litterati app (for iOS or Android ). Enter the CLEAN code to take part in the World Cleaning Day challenge. Go to your community – walk around your neighborhood, school grounds, park, or other community gathering places – and pick up some trash.

Take a picture of the garbage you collected and share it with the Litterati community. (The task is to collect 100,000 garbage.) And finally? Throw away the trash!

Although the official World Cleaning Day is celebrated on Saturday, September 19, the challenge will run from September 18 to October. 3. Whenever you and your children see trash, take out your phone, take pictures and dispose of it.

Of course, the app is really meant to help you hook up with other garbage collectors to make you feel like you are part of a bigger challenge, but you can always skip this part entirely and just pick and throw away any garbage you run into. We really should do this whenever possible.

If your kids love trash and want to learn more about the global problem of plastic waste, there are other resources on TED-Ed for them to visit.


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