Everything Apple Announced Today: Pricing, Pre-Orders, and Launch Dates

Apple’s Time Flies event did take place today. One hour in and out, with tons of new products you can start pre-ordering like an Apple super fan. I’m kidding, but not much.

So you don’t have to read your 35th Live Blog of the Day, here’s a quick overview of everything Apple has announced today and how you can get your hands on it.

Apple Watch Series 6

Here are Apple’s latest smartwatch with a brand new blood oxygen sensor that can give you an O2 measurement anytime (after 15 seconds) or a lovely little glimpse of what those levels are during your busy quarantine. filled life. It’s faster than the Apple Watch Series 5 (20% Apple claims), it’s 2.5x brighter when you look at it outdoors (another Apple statement), and it has a wide range of new faces to go with. play just about anything you want to do.

Pre-order: today

Delivery: Friday

Cost: From $ 399 for the base Solo Loop, Sport Loop or Sport Band (40mm version, aluminum body) and up to $ 429 for the base 44mm version (same thing). From there, how much you want to spend on a case or bracelet will determine how much more you have to pay on top of that. And if you need cellular, expect an extra $ 100.

Lanyards: Apple is introducing the all-new Solo Loop, a “custom made liquid silicone” that is available in a variety of sizes, seven colors, and doesn’t require you to open anything – just slide your hand through the hole. There’s also a braided Solo Loop (same concept, five colors), a new leather link (no clasps to tinker with) that comes in four colors, new colors for Nike sport bands, and new Herm├Ęs bands if you’re feeling behaving badly.

Apple Watch SE

That’s basically your Apple Watch budget, unless Apple also kept around $ 200 Series 3. In fact, I really don’t understand why you get Series 3 over this given its slightly higher price tag ($ 279) and significantly better performance (2x better than Series 3, Apple claims). You won’t get a blood oxygen sensor or ECG reader (if I’m right), but you will get the same altimeter, accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope as the more expensive Series 6.

Basically, if you’re not interested in the trivialities of health measurements, but want something that functions as a great watch and fitness tracker, the Apple Watch SE is a no-brainer. To be honest, this is what I would go with; I can count on my fingers how many times I have used the ECGs of my Apple Watch. Not to say it’s useless, but the trendy health options of the Apple Watch Series 6 aren’t for everyone.

Pre-order: today

Delivery: Friday

Cost: From $ 279 for the base Solo Loop, Sport Loop or Sport Band (40mm version, aluminum body) and up to $ 309 for the base 44mm version (same). If you need cellular, expect an extra $ 50 – and expect to pay even more depending on whether you want a brighter case or bracelet.

Straps: The same Apple Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop as before are available for the Apple Watch SE. Don’t expect a fancier Leather Tie or anything like that, though; after all, it’s Apple’s budget watch.

iPad Air

If there’s a reason for buying an 11-inch iPad Pro, I can’t see it. At least until Apple launches its flagship iPad next month (one can assume). The iPad Air is by far the best 11-inch iPad you can buy. Its appearance with fine frame almost similar to iPad Pro, and its display with a resolution of 2560 1640 pixels (technically 10.9 inches) and has a liquid retina supports True Tone. smaller “device.

This iPad Air is (presumably) 40 percent faster than the previous generation tablet thanks to the Apple A14 Bionic chip. USB-C (finally) arrives with an awesome Touch ID sensor built right into the iPad Air’s power button. I sincerely hope it finds its place on every Apple portable device. You don’t get the Face ID of the iPad Pro and its 120Hz display, but you get a vastly improved 12MP rear camera with video stabilization. I mean, the new iPad Air is actually basically the old iPad Pro, only cheaper and with potentially slightly less processing power. What else does an ordinary person need?

Pre-order: today

Delivery: October

Cost: From $ 599 for 64GB Wi-Fi only, and up to $ 879 for 256GB and Wi-Fi + Cellular.


I confess I wasn’t very happy about Apple’s chatter about its new eighth generation iPad because it looks like a simple gut update. You get an A12 Bionic chip, which is supposedly 40 percent faster than the previous generation iPad overall, has twice the graphics speed, and comes with a Neural Engine, but that’s about it. The price is the same as before.

Pre-order: today

Delivery: Friday

Cost: From $ 329 for 32GB Wi-Fi only and up to $ 559 for 128GB and Wi-Fi + Cellular.


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