Clean the Utility Can Opener With Cotton Tips

I consider myself clean, but I had a real “damn bitch, you live like this?” the moment I was forced to check the condition of my can opener. I was browsing the internet for inspiration when I stumbled upon an article from The Kitchn that boasted a “minute trick” for cleaning up a messy , infamous can opener.

There is no real moment to try a new trick, so I went into the kitchen, pulled out my red Martha Stewart brand can opener and found it actually quite disgusting and embarrassing.

Obviously something had to be done, so I decided to do what Kitsch told me to do. Kitchn suggests passing a folded sheet of waxed paper through a can opener, which should deeply clean the insides of the opener while lubricating it:

Run thick paper through the gears to gently remove any deep, hidden grime, while wax lubricates your instrument for smoother performance.

Given the deplorable state of my can opener, I decided that it would be fair to clean my can opener thoroughly before trying the waxed paper. I cleaned it with a bristle brush (with hot soap and water), dried it, and then passed the folded piece of waxed paper through the bottle opener.

The paper removed some debris, but visual inspection showed that the debris was not sufficient .

Maybe the wax paper trick will be enough for can openers with less grime and grime, but real carelessness may require reinforcement. True negligence requires the use of cotton teas.

As you can see, the cotton swabs have proven to be quite effective. I dipped them in a little isopropyl alcohol, then put them in there very well, between the gears and wheels, removing the adhering dirt, returning it to its former radiant splendor.

So while I was not overwhelmed by the wax paper trick, I do appreciate that it made me face the rough, some, perhaps reprehensible, condition of my can opener, and it renewed my appreciation for the cotton swabs, truly useful. cleaning tool .


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