Keep Your Child’s Mask on a String

Lanyards are often used to keep our most valuable items – like keys or a whistle if you are a coach or referee – safely and easily accessible. And our kids now need nothing more to keep them safe and easy to get hold of than their masks. This is why, especially if they are young or prone to losing things, a mask string can be a solution to a problem we never thought of.

Mask straps work the same way as eyeglass straps – they attach to each earbud with a clasp of some kind. You take off the mask and it falls and hangs securely around your neck, rather than being left on the table (which may now be contaminated with germs) forever lost to the black hole, which is a “lost and found” school. even worse to exchange with a friend. You know young children will want to try on each other’s masks, and hopefully the laces will slow them down long enough for the teacher to intervene.

If you do a basic search for baby mask straps on Etsy, you’ll find a variety of styles ranging from around $ 3 to $ 4 for something very basic to $ 10-12 for fun fabric, beads, or other personalization. I personally bought three of these from CAVEXAboutique Etsy – one each for my son, my husband and myself, because the mask strap is something we can all use right now.

I suggest going for a lightweight lace (you don’t want it to be so heavy that it pulls on your mask), but functions well enough to protect your investment in all those Spider-Man, Pokemon, and frozen masks.


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