How to Watch Netflix Originals Movies for Free

We know it is highly unlikely that you do not have access to Netflix either through your account or through your roommates, friends, or family members.

But if you’re vehemently against paying for streaming, or just aren’t very keen on what’s on Netflix in general, you can still watch a few of the platform’s original films and shows – for free – even without creating an account.

Netflix offers a small selection of movies and episodes from some of its most popular TV series for free, including the sci-fi drama Stranger Things and the comedy Gracie and Frankie . Here is a complete list of the episodes currently available:

  • Very strange things
  • Gracie and Frankie
  • Elite
  • Boss Baby: Back in Business
  • When they see us
  • Love is blind
  • our planet

Note that the free option (no login) only gives you the first episode of each show. You can also watch the following films:

  • Two Popes
  • Bird box
  • Murder mystery

While the choices are really limited (the idea is that you get hooked enough on Stranger Things after one episode to pay for a subscription), it’s nice that you can sample the content without entering your credit card number, “for free”. “A challenge you must remember to cancel after a month.

Plus, Netflix says the lineup will change, so check back from time to time for what else you can try. The platform also posted some of its paid content on YouTube (for example, the full version of the 13th and full episodes of Our Planet ).


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