Our Final Sandbag Exercise – Cleaning the Flippy Sandbag

It’s just fun. It’s good if your sandbag has handles or at least a little slack in the bag that you can grab onto easily. (Reminder: trim your nails.) We’re going to clean out the sandbags.

Shoeing is a way of transferring weight from the ground to your shoulders. In the past, some athletes used the barbell, bouncing it with their legs and belly, to lift it up to their shoulders (this was and remains a continental style), while others prided themselves on lifting the bar “clean”. . ”In one smooth motion. Around the last century, the term cleansing came to refer to the general idea of ​​transferring weight from the ground to shoulder level. You can clean the barbell or do a power clean; you can do cleansing with weights; and you can clean sandbags.

In this case, we are talking about a movement that is very similar to power cleaning a barbell. You will abruptly lift the load off the floor by standing with it, then when it picks up speed, you bend your knees to get under it, and swing your arms under it to catch it. I’m not very good at this, but I can. Here’s me with five reps of my 50 pound bag:

This is an explosive movement, and if the bag is heavy, five quick reps will take a lot of your strength. I would recommend doing an interval style like this: a couple of cleans, then a little rest, then repeat.

The purge also puts you in the same zercher position you can use for carry (as we talked about last week ). Empty the bag, carry it around for a bit, then drop it on the ground and start over.

Now that you know what to do with your sandbag, start tying them together. Choose from multiple movements – clean, push, carry, squat, whatever – it will take you 15 to 30 seconds to complete. Then set a timer that beeps every minute and follow your sequence every time it beeps. Or, challenge yourself to do a certain number of repetitions: how long will it take you to do 100 cleanses? Get creative and have fun.


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