6 Strategies for Managing Out-of-School Crises

Returning to school is traditionally a difficult and difficult time for children. They just spent the entire summer (plus those “bonus” months of the pandemic in the spring) playing Minecraft , running around the sprinklers, staying up late and catching whatever ice cream you dropped off the roof . They are now either expected to sit in class with a mask all day, or they log in from home and sulk in Zoom lessons. You, too, would be a little tired and moody if you were in their place. (Chances are, you are tired and naughty anyway.)

They’ll do their best to stay together at school, and then once they get home and find you’ve run out of their favorite snack, the proverbial crap will amaze the proverbial fan . That is, I predict that our children’s breakdowns this year will be of better quality .

Luckily, we’ve already written a lot about hysteria , so we might have some new tactics for you to try when you’re like “Holy hell, what’s going on, are they even upset?”


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