What’s on Netflix in September 2020

The canine days of August are coming to an end, and with them the sad summer depression . Netflix is ​​gearing up to debut a September issue filled with intriguing new TV series and original films featuring some of the world’s most talented people, and to help you sort out the quagmire – and in recognition of those times – I highlight a few of the most popular streamers. noteworthy are the exclusives and rank them on the scale of pandemic stress induction.

Love Guaranteed (Netflix Film, September 3): Desperate to save his private firm, attorney Susan (Rachel Leigh Cook) takes over the flashy case of Nick (Damon Wayans Jr.), who wants to create a dating site that guarantees he will find his clients true love … “But as matters escalate, so too do Susan and Nick’s feelings for each other.” Pandemic Stress Induction Level: Seal of Quality Film.

Away (Netflix Original Series, September 4): Hillary Swank stars in this original series by executive producers Jason Katims ( Friday Night Lights ) and Matt Reeves ( Batman ) about a woman astronaut who decides to leave her family and go on a journey. lonely three-year mission to Mars. The Martian taught us that nothing goes wrong on Mars. Pandemic stress induction rate: growing potatoes in your own feed. “I’m Thinking of the End of Things” (Netflix Film, September 4): Oscar-winning screenwriter Charlie Kaufman ( Being John Malkovich, Adaptation ) debuts his first action film since Synecdoche, New York, 2008 . Based on the thrilling thriller Ian Reed, he follows a woman (Jesse Buckley) who accompanies her new boyfriend (Jesse Plemons) on a trip to visit her parents (Toni Collette, David Thewlis) in their remote home during a snowstorm and falls into it. a kind of rift between dimensions, when people begin to merge with each other, and time begins to rotate by itself. Pandemic stress induction level: Malkovich, Malkovich ?! Social Dilemma (Netflix Documentary, September 9): This documentary explores what, after spending our entire lives on Facebook and Twitter, does to our brains and the fabric of our society. Pandemic stress induction rate: President’s tweets. Sing it! (Netflix Original Series, September 16): Incomparable Titus Burgess from Kimmy Schmidt’s Invincible hosts a new reality series in which participants’ karaoke skills are judged by a computer as they compete for a prize pool that grows with every episode that passes. … Pandemic stress induction rate:Peeno Noir . Ratched (Netflix Original Series, September 18): Trash TV impresario Ryan Murphy is behind the totally unnecessary but delightfully evil-looking prequel to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, which explores the life and psyche of this classic novel’s formidable institutional villain. Nurses Ratched (Sarah Paulson, obviously). If it sounds like Redux of American Horror Story: Asylum, well … that ‘s the show’s best season, alike. Pandemic stress induction level: lobotomy but a laughing matter.

Here’s a complete list of Netflix’s highs and lows for September 2020.


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