What’s on at Disney + in September 2020

Disney undoubtedly wants me to use this free ad slot to promote Mulan’s digital premiere, that spring blockbuster that never happened – and of course, if you want to spend $ 30 on top of your existing monthly Disney + “ownership” subscription (unless in 2020, no one else owns the media) this up-and-coming animated epic of upside-down action, be my guest – but I’d love to use my time in the clickbait department to task them with something else entirely.

Further down the list, you may notice that Disney is touting the addition of Muppet Babies: Season 2 to their streaming service. As someone who grew up getting a media education from Jim Henson, nanny, Kermy, Piggy, and the crew on the 1980s animated series , I was extremely excited to see this and immediately went into Disney + to fix the fact. that I have not already eaten the first season – without even knowing that it is available ..

It was then that I realized that the Muppet Babies available on Disney + were not the Muppet Babies I grew up with. This is ac irca-2018 CGI reboot . And maybe this show is absolutely amazing (after all, they are dolls). But I guarantee it’s not on the same level ofinspirational frenzy as the original , and I’m not happy with Disney’s efforts to erase the culture. Sure, there could be legitimate (albeit annoying) legal reasons why the old show couldn’t be streamed, but it could also be the result of Disney trying not to dilute the value of its internal IP after Henson’s acquisition, reminding us that the dolls were much better (despite the genius of “Muppets Again Muppets Most Wanted” ). And give the new show the same name – as if another never existed! – almost enough to make my monthly subscription run out bye. (Or, as a furious Kermi might say, damn it).

Either way, that’s all there is to Disney + in September 2020.

The series with new episodes will be dropped in September

  • Becoming
  • Land to Ned
  • One day at Disney
  • The Muppets Now – Season Finale
  • Pixar in Real Life – Season Finale
  • Strange but true

4 September

  • Ancient China from above (S1)
  • D2: Mighty ducks
  • D3: Mighty ducks
  • Never been Kissed
  • Strange magic
  • Wallet or life
  • Wolverine
  • Mulan (with $ 30 surcharge)
  • Land to Ned

11 September

  • Christopher Robin

September 18

  • Play like Beckham
  • Coop & Cami ask the world (S2)
  • Europe from above (S1)
  • Ever After: A Cinderella Story
  • Kingdom of Mummies (S1)
  • Adventures of Marvel Superheroes (S4)
  • Notre Dame: Race Against Hell
  • Once Upon a Time (S1-7)
  • Soi Moon (S2-3)
  • Violetta (S3)
  • Angry Tuna (S9)
  • Becoming

September 25

  • Unusual Nancy: Imagine Itself (S2)
  • Giant Rogue Crab
  • Gordon Ramsay: The Unknown (S2)
  • Muppet babies (S2)
  • Oceans
  • Port Defense: Alaska (S3)
  • Sydney to the max (S2)
  • Wild Central America (S1)
  • X-ray of the Earth (S1)
  • Disney Animal Kingdom Magic
  • The secret society of the second born of the royal family


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