Check the Refrigerator Before Taking Out the Trash

Do you have a garbage routine? My husband loves to go around, collecting all the rubbish in the house; I just roll the trash up to the curb and call it finished. Whatever your approach, I would like you to add one step: look in the refrigerator while you’re there.

If you are not a perfect person, there is probably something in the refrigerator that has been there for too long. Some leftovers that you forgot to eat, or zucchini that you haven’t had time to use – and now it’s too late.

Sure, you can throw this in the trash can anytime, but remember that the whole reason you have a refrigerator is to slow down the growth process, the decomposition of bacteria and, well … smelly. Throw away anything rough in the middle of the week and it will develop. Throw it in the trash can at night while it’s fresh and you get around this problem.

Plus, Trash Night is a friendly reminder to look into the back of the refrigerator. We have a big family and things are definitely relegated to the background and forgotten amidst the chaos. Deliberately peek into the refrigerator every week, and perhaps these super-rough scientific experiments won’t have a chance at all to progress.


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