How to Read Free Women’s Books, Finally Released Under Their Real Names

There has been a long period in our history when women wrote books using male pseudonyms in order to have a chance to get them published. The situation has improved since then (although obviously we still need fake male assistants to get our requests taken seriously) and to celebrate these authors and give them credit under their real names, 25 of their books will be released through Reclaim Her Name collection. Here’s how to find titles and download them for free.

How to access the Reclaim Her Name collection

Each of the 25 titles below is available to read or download for free from the Baileys website :

  • Middlemarch Mary Ann Evans (alias George Eliot)
  • Cabin Club Maria, Anne Petrie (Arnold Petrie)
  • Indiana – Amantine Aurora Dupin (Georges Sand)
  • Phantom Lover, Violet Paget (Vernon Lee)
  • The Life of Martin R. Delaney, Francis Rollin Whipper (Frank A. Rollin)
  • Keywords Mary Bright (George Egerton)
  • Takekurabe (“Growing Up”) Natsu Higuchi (Ichiyo Higuchi)
  • Kama’s Garden – Violet Nicholson (Lawrence Hope)
  • How White People Help Smuggle … Edith Maud Eaton (Mahlon T. Wing)
  • Attila, my Attila! Edith Cooper and Katherine Bradley (Michael Field)
  • Playing and Playing in Chess Alice Dunbar Nelson (Monroe Wright)
  • Painted clay by Doris Boak Kerr (Capel Boake)
  • For our country, Fateme Soltan Khanum Farahani (Shahein Farahani)
  • Iras: The Secret of Henrietta Everett (Theo Douglas)
  • The Story of Sir Richard Calmedy Mary Kingsley (Lucas Malet)
  • Atla – The History of the Lost Isle of Anne Smith (J. Gregory Smith)
  • Julia Frankau’s Twilight (Frank Danby)
  • The Silence of Dean Maitland, Mary Tuttiette (Maxwell Gray)
  • Medusa’s Head – Julia Constance Fletcher (George Fleming)
  • Some Emotions and Morals Pearl Richards (John Oliver Hobbs)
  • Cecilia De Noel, Mary Hawker (Lanoe Falconer)
  • Echoes of the Land of Mists, by Auber Forestier
  • Valerie Eylmer by Francis Tiernan (Christian Reed)
  • Diary of diplomat Julia Kruger (Julien Gordon)
  • Road Repairman Margaret Fairless Barber (Michael Fairless)

Of course, in an ideal world, women would not need to write under a masculine name to be taken seriously, but at least now they are getting some form of recognition. Add some of these headings to your quarantined reading list.


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