How to Ask for a Refund for Fortnite V-Bucks

What a day. Epic Games is suing Apple and Google over their alleged monopolistic practices across various app stores, and both companies have banned Epic’s most popular game, Fortnite , from their app stores for trying to circumvent restrictions each company takes on in-app purchases. …

How does this affect you? Well, for starters, you won’t be getting updates for the Fortnite app from every app store until it’s over. While you should still be able to download the new version of the app on Android – I’m guessing Epic Games will suggest a way to do this at least – you’re stuck on iOS and won’t be able to participate in Chapter 2 (Season 4 ) Fortnite, due out on August 27th.

You can still play Fortnite 13.40, of course , but you won’t be able to spend your hard-earned V-Bucks on any new seasonal cosmetics. And that will upset you.

By the way, the removal of Fortnite from both app stores is directly related to a new feature he introduced in his game, which allowed players to save 20 percent on Fortnite’s in -game currency, V-Bucks, to pay for Epic directly, instead of using any of the app stores. system. So, if you’ve taken advantage of this deal but can no longer play Fortnite on your mobile device, you may have wasted your money.

It’s time to get your money back for recent Fortnite purchases

Unless you plan on playing Fortnite on PC or Mac – where you can spend your discounted V-Bucks (and buy more!) While linking the game to your main account – you should request a refund from Apple or Google. for in-app currency that you can no longer use.

Unfortunately, on iOS, you can’t just “cancel purchase” in Epic’s in-app purchases. You will have to bother Apple directly and convincingly explain why you should receive a refund. This can work if you haven’t spent your V-Bucks on anything yet; If so, then I suspect your arguments won’t go far. It’s still worth it because, again, your V-Bucks won’t be very useful if you can’t use them to buy new items after a few weeks. And if you receive a refund, you will feel a sense of validation knowing that you are joining Epic in its fight against the monopolistic practice of app stores.

On Android, you can also request a refund from Google if less than 48 hours have passed since your in-app purchase. After that, Google suggests that your best bet is to contact the app developer directly to ask for a refund – although I feel like Epic would be more than happy to help given the circumstances, I also feel that they would rather have the Fortnite masses annoy Google with requests. in the spirit of “pestering a company that just downloaded their game from their app store.” Maybe it’s just me.

What is the likelihood that you will receive a refund on any platform? Well, you can get started with keyboard and mouse (I must point out not Switch or PS4 , as your V-Buck balances are not transferable):


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