Record Gym Videos and Play Music at the Same Time

If you’re filming yourself – whether it’s to check your form or just to share your day on Insta – you’ve probably noticed a nasty flaw in the way our phones work: as soon as you start recording, the music is in the headphones. is interrupted.

There are two solutions to this minor inconvenience, each with slightly different results. One of them – this is a quick hack that you can do without any special application, and I learned about it from a careless comment to a post in the Insta powerlifter Serena Abve : Turn on the camera application and write down your screen.

To be clear: don’t go to the video recording interface and definitely don’t press a button to record. Just imagine looking into the camera, thinking about which photo to take, and record the process on the screen.

The result looks like this (you can, of course, trim the controls) and the sound will be exactly what you listened to through the headphones. Not elegant, but gets the job done.

Another option is to use an app built for this very purpose. Mideo is popular and works exactly as advertised. It’s $ 2.99 for iOS and free for Android, but the latter requires a subscription if you want to save videos. Here’s the one I took from Mideo:

This application records correct video with sound from your phone microphone. So if you listen to music with headphones while climbing, you can still hear your music, but the soundtrack of your video will be accompanied by heavy breathing and the clanging of iron plates or any other background noise your surroundings create.


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