How to Limit Who Can Reply to Your Tweets

iOS: Twitter users can now restrict who can reply to their tweets using the iOS app, and we hope this feature hits Android and the web in the near future. This is very helpful when it comes to limiting the possibility of harassment on this damn website .

Users can restrict replies to only the people they follow, or even only other users mentioned in the tweet. You will need to select one of the new options for each new tweet before posting if you want to limit the number of replies, otherwise everyone who follows you will be able to reply as usual by default (you cannot limit replies to old tweets). People who follow you can still see your tweets even if they are not allowed to reply.

How to limit who can reply to a tweet

Twitter’s latest iOS update adds new answer options, but deployment times may be different for everyone. I have checked on iPhone and iPad Pro and have not personally seen this feature (I have no pending updates), but it should be available soon. There is no information on when Android and desktop users will be able to cap the response rate, but we expect it to appear on these platforms in future updates.

If you have a tweet limit feature, it’s very simple to use:

  1. Open the Twitter iOS app and create a new tweet.
  2. Click the “Everyone can reply to this tweet” link above the keyboard.
  3. Choose who can reply from the following options: Everyone, People you follow, or Only those you mention.
  4. Complete the tweet and click “Submit” to post it.

Some argue that this feature is contrary to the spirit of Twitter – its long-standing status as an uncontrolled source of ideas. This may have been true in the early days of the website, but Twitter is a different place today. The platform has a huge problem with abuse and inconsistent moderation standards , and I think this new option is a wise move on their part and could help curb some of those issues.

Twitter is hardly a haven for the enlightened debate and free speech that some say are; it is just a social network that people from all walks of life use. Sometimes people just want to share their thoughts without worrying about trolls and unwanted “well, actually …” responses that clog up their mentions. For many users, mute, block, and now, response restrictions are the only things that make Twitter useful.


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