How to Unlock All Safes in the Last of Us 2 Without Finding Evidence

For fans of The Last of Us 2 , the sequel to Naughty Dog’s 2013 game of the year winner The Last of Us , part of the fun is the depth of his world. This feeling is often limited to open world games, which allow you to freely explore and interact with just about anything; but where The Last of Us 2 is predominantly linear, it is made up of narratives and collectibles that live below the surface and off the beaten track.

But collecting survival ammo can be challenging enough for easy-level players, or maybe you just aren’t interested in the work it takes to loot every corner, collect every government coin, or read every letter. However, if you want goodies hidden in each of the safes, you can still hack each one without any prompts.

Just listen for the click. Right: Kudos to the sound engineering team for allowing them to crack combo safes – all but digital ones – like a spy. A necessary caveat: the time it takes for this hack is initially less than the time it would take to search the area for clues (each combo safe has three cells of 100 numbers each, which is 1,000,000 possible combinations), but this is quick to learn … If you’re tired of looking at it, or just want to feel like a cool jewel thief, it’s a hell of a lot of fun trying this.

Hacking a safe is best done with headphones – think of them as your stethoscope – but rest assured, you can do it with normal TV sound, as I did. When you come across a safe, slowly click on each number. Listen carefully for the clicking sound until you hear another sound when the toggle switch snaps into place. Select this number, move on to the next and repeat. It happens faster than you think once you get the hang of it, and you can hack a safe in just a few minutes if you need supplies but don’t want the platinum trophy for reading any letter in the game.

I highly recommend trying to crack the safe with a combination you know first, just to familiarize yourself with the sound (that is, if you want to do it quickly; if you’re ready for a challenge, try it on the first safe you find). Then try shuffling the numbers, close your eyes, and do it again. Once you hear it, you cannot help but hear it.

So go ahead, safe cracker, add another skill to your stealth repertoire! Collect everything you need to survive and feel like a badass doing it.

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