How to Quickly Check Sent Messages on WhatsApp

Nobody likes chain letter. And while you’re probably more used to receiving annoying spam from friends and family in your inbox, you may have received quite a few annoying messages sent to you via WhatsApp.

Earlier, we talked about how WhatsApp now flags messages that are just being sent to you from another person, and even limits the number of people that this person can forward a specified message to – all in order to prevent BS from buzzing all over the body. service.

The popular messaging app is now rolling out yet another feature that you can use to combat those who endlessly send you fake statements, fake news, and other content that can upset Snopes. These forwarded messages will now be accompanied by a small magnifying glass. If you are so inclined – or so offended by the stupidity in the said message that you cannot resist the facts – click this icon.

When you do, you will be asked if you want to search for this post on the Internet. This basically takes the said post to a Google search, which will hopefully then pull out more information (or a hard rebuke) of what was sent to you.

Will this stop your friends and loved ones from sending you all kinds of medicines for all the last ailments of humanity? Will it help cure the COVID-19 infection you got from your local 5G cell tower? Not both, but at least it gives you a quick way to see for yourself if you should mentally categorize the message as “stupid things I should ignore,” or if the sender is someone who actually thinks it is reasonable and interesting. , and truthful content to send.

If you don’t see the magnifying glass yet, make sure you update WhatsApp to the latest version for Android or iOS. And if that doesn’t work, hold on tight. Eventually you will get it, and then you will be one step closer to being the person who is struggling to convince people of their wrongness. I know this can be exhausting.


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