Best Pixel 4a Pre-Order Deals (so Far)

Google finally announced on Monday the rumored (and often leaked) Pixel 4a smartphone. While the new mid-range phone has shared the scene with its more powerful Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G counterparts, we still don’t know much about either of these phones (including release dates). It’s time to shine on the Pixel 4a right now.

The Pixel 4a 128GB will launch on August 20 and start at just $ 349 – a lot cheaper than the average smartphone. Early reviews are positive , many shops are called great camera Pixel 4a, optimized functions and characteristics of the respectable middle class as the strongest side of the phone.

If you’re looking to get a brand new Android smartphone without spending too much money on the latest high-end models, the Pixel 4a might be your best bet. (And if you’re interested in the $ 499 version of the Pixel 4a 5G, you can subscribe to updates via the Google Store.)

Here’s a quick recap of all the deals we’ve found for the Pixel 4a. Please note that all of these offers are valid at the time of writing, but availability is subject to change. In addition, new offers to pre-order the Pixel 4a from other retailers may be announced through August 20.


Amazon’s deals are the simplest, but the Amazon Trade-In program allows you to lend your old smartphones (and tons of other devices and merchandise) on store credit to bring down the price.

Media: Unlocked ($ 349)

Suggestions: Add a $ 40 case in any color of your choice . Color options are Mainly Black, Confetti Blue, and Static Gray.

Best buy

Best Buy currently offers the lowest prices for the Pixel 4a, including unlocked and carrier models. The only catch is you need to activate today to get the discount. The exact discount depends on your carrier : Sprint users get the cheapest deal (prices do not include activation fees and other carrier fees).

Google store

Carriers: Unlocked ($ 349), Verizon ($ 349) and Google Fi ($ 350). All models are eligible for special funding ($ 12.54 per month for 24 months).

The Pixel 4a’s Google Store pre-order pricing is n’t as aggressive as other retailers, but it does have a few nice perks for Google stalwarts. All Google Store pre-orders receive three-month free trials of YouTube Premium, Google One, and Google Play Pass. If you already have an active Google One membership, you will receive a small refund in Google Store credit equal to a percentage of the purchase price. The loan amount depends on which Google One subscription you have:

  • Google One members with 200GB plans will receive 3% towards their Google Store account.
  • Google One members with 2TB or higher plan get 10% refunded to Google Store account.

Note. Shop credit refunds are only available in the US, Canada, UK, Germany and Australia. Excludes Google One trial subscription.

Cellular in the USA

Operator: US cellular ($ 350)

You can get $ 350 in credit (paid in installments every month) when you buy the Pixel 4a and subscribe to the US Unlimited Cellular plan . Cellular pre-orders in the US open on August 5th.


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