Maybe Free Dunkin ‘Donuts Coffee Will Fix That

“America works on Dunkin,” the commercials tell us. I don’t know if this is true; Market share suggests that most of America walks Starbucks . However, it is certainly true that it is because of caffeine that America avoids falling asleep on its morning commute (even if it’s now just a walk to the kitchen table). And on Mondays in August – hey, today is Monday in August – you can celebrate for another hour of 2020 without being awake with free iced coffee from the most ubiquitous seller of legal stimulants and donuts in our country. Starting today and continuing on August 10th and 17th, you can get free medium cold (or hot, lol) coffee at participating Dunkin ‘locations as part of their Free Monday Coffee offer. The drink is free with any food purchase (I recommend the Egg and Cheese Wrap-Up, the cheapest item on the menu, not half-sugar by volume), although you must be a member of the DD Perks Rewards Program. to take advantage of and, quoting the official Terms and Conditions , “pay with a registered DD card, scan their loyalty ID at checkout, or pre-order with the Dunkin ‘app.” It’s free to join DD Perks.

Usually you have to pay with the Dunkin ‘app or download coupons from your account to redeem them, but the Free Coffee Mondays offer will be applied automatically when your loyalty card or app is scanned, no coupon required. And once you become a member, you can also take advantage of the free donuts on Fridays, which work pretty much the same way, except that it happens on Fridays, you have to buy a drink and get a donut instead of coffee. But you got it because you are smart. And also good with caffeine.


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