Make Yourself Happier Choosing Baby Clothes

Let’s be honest, everything related to 2020 is aging fast. It was nice when we were all home for a couple of weeks considering what a Tuesday day at our house actually looks like. But after four months, my eyes water at the thought of another walk in the neighborhood.

Not to mention the ever-present anxiety about caring for another person – especially tiny in my case. In truth, I have learned more about living joyfully from my almost two-year-old daughter than ever before.

I realized that I had given up too much of my mental and emotional state to worry — often about things that were largely beyond my control. I watch my daughter show curiosity without guilt, laugh at herself and shamelessly say hello! to everything that moves (and something that does not). It changed my approach and made me behave stupidly again.

Stupidity is so good for us. Silly reminds us that you don’t need a laugh. You may have picked up some banana bread, bought a sushi maker, and are now the proud parent of ten new houseplants. I tried being a toddler again – played a game, jumped into the ball pit, and even threw a tantrum for fun. It was a difficult task with a tremendous impact. Thanks to my child, I have learned to be joyful.


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