Reduce Glare on Your Computer Screen by Working in a Box

It is inevitable that at some point in the afternoon, several days a week, my son walks into my office to ask if I would come to work in the backyard while he plays in the inflatable pool. Does he ask me to do this on cloudy days? Not; You see, cloudy days are not the best days for a pool. So, I find myself out there in the sun with dappled Wi-Fi and a screen covered in light so bright that I constantly move and move my laptop, trying to find an angle that allows me to work with the least frustration. At least that’s what I was doing. Now I put the laptop in the box.

The idea came from Reddit user u / benlouislebu who says:

Because it’s sunny [and] I want to work outside, but it’s so bright here I can’t see the screen. Placing the laptop in a box blocks the light so the laptop screen stays bright. It also keeps the laptop cool.

To learn more about optimizing your workspace, watch the video below:

He is right on both counts. And while you can use a very pretty cardboard box like u / benlouislebu, I found that the old box that once held a box of one of our favorite local beers (hello the aptly named Always Sunny Pale Ale ) also does its job. … Sure, it’s a little shabby from transporting food and drinks back and forth on our annual family trip to the beach, but it blocks out the sun, keeps my laptop cool to the touch, and reminds my neighbors that I love cold beer. This box does a lot of hard work.

However, as several Reddit commenters have pointed out, you can make multiple holes in the cardboard for ventilation and / or lift the laptop above the cardboard (perhaps by sliding two small pieces of cardboard underneath it on either side) if the vents seem to be blocked and working overtime. especially if you’re going to be tweaking this way for a while.


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