See How Brown Bears Catch Jumping Salmon

As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc in all aspects of human life, it’s nice to be reminded that nature walks (or stomps, or crawls, or sneaks, or floats) regardless of our global turmoil. Memes tell us that nature heals , but in fact, at least there is something . So, since it’s this time of year again, why not watch some Alaskan bears catch jumping salmon? It’s a real sushi feast – go for glutinous rice and nori.

Now you can watch a live stream of brown bears catching salmon captured by a camera located in the Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. The park is home to thousands of brown bears, and in any other year it will attract thousands of visitors from all over the world to an area called Brooks Camp . Located at the mouth of the Brooks River, Brooks Camp has an area where visitors can spot brown bears in the middle of the catch as well as enjoy world-class fishing.

Alas, a trip to Alaska probably won’t be maps for you this year, but you can still see brown bears in action via the live stream above or via the webcam. Live streaming gives you all the sense of presence, including the sounds of running water and the splashing of brown bears trying to catch jumping salmon in the air. The park’s website notes that bears consume up to 30 salmon daily – over 120 pounds – and are generally most active in the area in late June and throughout July as salmon migrate. Obviously, if you look closely at the live stream, you can also catch a glimpse of eagles, seagulls, and other animals, including wolves, that catch one or two of their own fish.


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