Best Thing to Do With Leftover Cereal

I have not come across a single bowl of cereal that I did not immediately fall in love with. Whether with butter, cheese, shrimp or yolk , a creamy bowl of boiled corn gruel is the perfect breakfast for me. I usually make a large serving and then reheat the leftovers by adding a little milk or butter as needed throughout the week. But sometimes I’m left with an awkward amount – not enough cereal for the whole bowl. But this will be inconvenient, the amount will no longer be, because this amount is enough for the graininess of the cakes.

Honestly, I forgot about the tortillas until my stepmother reminded me of their existence about a week ago. I told her and my dad about some of the fancy cereals I ordered and how thrilled I was that until the end of my days I ate nothing but cereals when Annette interrupted them with the words, “Have you ever fried them in bacon? “I heard, but it took too long. (As for the “fantasy” grits, I have to report that they don’t seem to be much better than regular, cheap grits, but maybe my crumb palate is just like my upbringing, unrefined).

Last night when I was cleaning my fridge / playing the solo version of Chopped I found the aforementioned inconvenient amount of cereal and so I formed two small patties out of them (cold cereal is very plastic). I fried them in bacon oil and it worked really well. I ate my egg cakes (the last egg!) And was happy. To make cakes with your own hands, you will need:

  • Remains of cereals
  • Bacon fat or butter

Heat the selected fat over medium to high heat and turn the cereals into 1/3 cup mounds. When the fat gets hot, gently press the mounds into the pan, then leave them alone until a crust forms. (If you try to flip the gritty cake too early, it will fall apart.) Once the edges of the gritty pie turn dark golden brown and begin to move around the pan like a connected washer, flip it over and brown the other side. Place on a plate, top with cheese, green onions or some hot sauce and eat. Repeat every time you have too much cereal.


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