What’s New on Netflix This Week of Jul 12, 2020

The French gave us a lot of wonderful things. Wine, for example; no one makes fermented grape juice like the French. And, of course , croissants. Croissants, damn it, the best. I spent three weeks on summer vacation in France a few years ago and started each day by walking to the nearest bakery – there were about six to choose from – to buy fresh croissants, which was great. Later I tried to make my own and found they were literally half butter. This is correct and good. Nicoise salad. Baguettes. Cheeses: Camembert, Roquefort, Brie and Blue. Edith Piaf. Jacques Brel. La nouvelle vague: Godard, Truffaut, Varda. Les artistes! Monet. Ezanne. Renoir. Degas. Toulouse-Lautrec. French culture is a gift to the world. What did we give them in return?

To learn more about what to stream, watch the video below:

Well, here’s this French comedy, due out on Netflix this week, about three women in their forties who sleep with younger men while on vacation in the south of France. It’s called MILF (July 16), after the wicked description of an attractive woman of a certain age, popularized by the movie American Pie .

So that’s what. MILF: A phrase, not a movie that the Hollywood Reporter called “a movie I’d like to forget.” Don’t say we didn’t give you anything, France. Here’s what else comes and goes from Netflix this week, including Cursed (July 17), a new original series reimagining the legend of King Arthur based on the young adult novel Thomas Wheeler with art by comic book legend Frank Miller.

Available July 14

  • The drug business – Netflix documentary
  • On est ensemble (We Are One) – Netflix documentary
  • Urzila Carlson: The Too Skilled Loser – Netflix Special Comedy Series

Available July 15

  • Dark Desire – Netflix Original Series
  • Gli Infedeli (Players) – Netflix Film
  • Skin Solution: Before and After – Netflix Original Series
  • Sun bunnies: seasons 1 and 2

Available July 16

  • Fatal Affair – Netflix Film
  • Indian Matchmaking – Original Netflix TV Series
  • Mommy – Netflix Film
  • Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Available July 17

  • Boca a Boca (The Kissing Game) – Netflix Original Series
  • The Damned – Netflix Original Series
  • Funan

Available July 18

  • Gigantosarus: Season 1
  • Notebook

Leaving July 12

  • Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain

Leaving July 15

  • Forks instead of knives

Leaving July 18

  • The most violent year
  • Luggy
  • Life after Beth
  • Obvious child
  • Number
  • Tusk


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