If Facebook Has Broken Your IOS Apps, Here Is the Solution

The Facebook bug is causing massive crashes in many iOS apps. Crashes have been reported for Spotify, Bumble, Mario Kart Tour, PUBG Mobile, Tinder, Venmo and a few others.

The problem is not caused by the Facebook iOS app per se, but rather by Facebook-related features integrated into the affected apps, such as logging into your Facebook account or using the likes and sharing features.

To learn more about Facebook, watch the video below:

The bug affects only the iOS versions of these apps. No Android crashes have been reported yet.

A Facebook spokesman told Business Insider that the company was investigating the issue following a sharp increase in crash reports on Friday morning. It looks like a solution has been found as some of these apps work again , although some apps may not fix as quickly as others.

You can try to work around the error by logging in with a different account other than Facebook, if possible. Of course, this will not be the right solution for every application, in which case you will need to enlist the help of a privacy-focused VPN. According to The Verge , an app like Lockdown can prevent crashes as it blocks the Facebook SDK from downloading on iOS. Lockdown is free and open source, although it does require a VPN to be installed and configured (this is how the app works wonders).

If you do not want to use an additional application and login without Facebook is not possible, you need to wait until Facebook and / or affected applications fix the problem on their side before you can login with your account as usual.

This is the second case of widespread iOS app crashes caused by Facebook since May, so we recommend not signing up for new apps with your Facebook account if this happens again. Even if these crashes never happen again, it’s best to never log into third-party apps using Facebook, Twitter, Google or other accounts. Sure, using single sign-in is more convenient, but having separate accounts is better for privacy . You can always use a password manager to securely store your quick login credentials .


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