How to Negotiate Lower Monthly Bills

Since unemployment rates still don’t appear on charts and the economy is officially in recession , you may be faced with the need to cut your monthly spending. While you are no doubt already struggling to budget in other areas of your life, you actually have a good chance of saving money on your bills: you can negotiate lower recurring monthly payments simply by asking.

In the video above, staff writer Lisa Rowan explains the strategies to use when requesting lower fees for various services.

  • For residential utilities, call your energy provider to see if they have any new promotions or incentives for clean energy programs.
  • For credit cards, ask for an abstinence program that will delay your payments by a couple of months.
  • To pay your cell phone, cable TV and Internet bills, call your provider and ask for a different lower rate plan according to your needs. If that doesn’t work, many competitors are willing to pay you the remaining contract to force you to switch.
  • For car insurance, call your insurance company and let them know that you are considering getting rid of the car entirely. They may overestimate how much you drive to lower your rate, or tell you about a new program that could result in a discount.

For these tips and more information on lowering your student loan payments or even your rent, watch the video above. Remember, if times are really tough, you can contact your local United Way for help.


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