Get up and Walk Already

Are you sitting at home? Do you work from home? Do you work somewhere at the table? If so, then today my fitness challenge for you is simple: get up for a minute and walk around the block.

Welcome to the first of our tasks this month, which will take the form of “snacking” aimed at slightly disrupting your daily routine.

This spring, I got into the habit of taking a half-hour walk around the neighborhood just to get a little out of the house. But as the weather gets hotter, it becomes increasingly difficult to find time for a long walk without putting it in the heat of the day. But what if instead I take three 10-minute walks? It suddenly seems a lot more doable.

So, this is what we’re going to do next week. Take a piece of paper, mark it with the days of the week, and make a sticker or something like a drawn emoticon every time you walk around the block. If you get stuck inside, spend five or ten minutes walking around your apartment or office. If you have mobility issues, it doesn’t have to be a walk – just do your best to get off your desk or phone for a few minutes.

I always forget how my brain relaxes a little after walking around the block. A few minutes are enough to let my body work and my mind wander, to feel a little more like I can look at the world in perspective. Give it a try and see how many of these mini walks you can work through during the day. Let us know how it goes below and we will be back next week with a different flavor of the “appetizer” to try.


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