Wear a Mask Over the Headphones to Prevent Ear Pain

Yes, wearing a mask with elastic ear loops can be uncomfortable when stretching for a long time (but you should still wear a mask ). In many situations, you can handle this by moving away from others or by taking a short mask break (because you definitely should n’t just not wear a mask ). But what if you’re in a place where you really can’t escape anyone – perhaps, say, you’re stuck in a metal pipe 30,000 feet in the air? Because even when it becomes real pain, flying is one of those times when you just need to keep your mask on .

Fortunately, if you prefer to wear in-ear headphones, which may already be a common practice for you or a fairly simple habit to learn while traveling (whether it’s a plane or subway) or working in the office, there is an easy way to keep your ears off. Feel the tension of the elastic: Attach the earloops to the earbuds instead.

By wrapping the face mask straps around the base of the earbuds, you can secure the mask to your face, relieving tension and pressure caused by these elastic loops pulling on the back of your ears. It’s a simple solution to help you the next time you’re allowed to take off your face mask (airlines still allow you to do this with meals, even if they suspended in-flight service and you had to bring your own snacks) in the middle of your travels …

Headphones have already become a familiar product for die-hard travelers. Even more than earbuds, they’re great for canceling noise, distracting yourself during extended periods of inactivity, or simply allowing you to talk hands-free while maneuvering around the airport – and now they’ll also let you wear this mask (which you should definitely wear !). which is much less tiring. And sorry, Airpod fans are the only thing your expensive Apple accessory can’t do.


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