How to Help Your Teen Find a Virtual Summer Job

Summer jobs aren’t just the backdrop for 1980s teen rom-coms – they give teenagers the right of way. For some kids, these kickoff concerts are the first real bite of independence. For others, this is a chance to hone a skill that could later become a career. And for all children, this is a chance to earn a little – and sometimes a lot – additional pocket money.

With COVID-19 still raining all summer long, normal teen work places are unfortunately some of the last places you can go, or one of the last places you might want to go. Public swimming pools, restaurants, summer camps and other businesses are either closed or sufficiently restricted to make them a much less promising employment option for young people.

However, if your teen is still hoping to make some money this summer and you (or they) are hesitant to perform in public, here are some more ideas for you.

Be a virtual camp counselor

This is the kind of campsite that I personally can handle: no heat, no mistakes, and zero firefighting knowledge. Neuron Garage , located in Austin, Texas, needs virtual camp instructors – an essential role that helps children gain hands-on experience with engineering projects by building with recyclable materials.

If you have a passion for working with kids, a fun spirit, and reliable Wi-Fi access, this might be the one for you. Neuron Garage says that for teens and young adults looking for work before the end of the summer, it intends to continue camp throughout the school year as an additional activity for students.

Do a virtual career study

In New York City, officials took their annual Personal Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) and redesigned it for our virtual world. SYEP Summer Bridge is an opportunity to gain hands-on professional experience as well as hone your set of work readiness skills. In addition to their extensive knowledge, the selected candidates will also receive a scholarship of $ 700 or $ 1000, depending on their age.

While this program is for New Yorkers only, similar opportunities are being made available in other states, such as Connecticut , through city and state government initiatives. Look for these roles on your state or city hall website. In particular, SYEP’s Summer Bridge will be accepting applications from July 9th.

Get skills and pay

In Philadelphia, Coded by: Kids, a nonprofit technical education organization , has teamed up with the city’s WorkReady initiative to offer kids the opportunity to learn to code and get paid for it. The kids who get the gig will not only gain some pretty amazing skills, but they’ll also earn $ 595 in their time and effort.

The program is currently operating at full capacity, but interested applicants are encouraged to register to be notified of additional opportunities.

Be your own boss

The nanny club has done something ; For kids who want to create their own schedule and test drive as a boss, this is a great opportunity to harness that entrepreneurial spirit. Many of their neighbors may be overwhelmed with children and work – or life in general – and have no time for day to day activities. Try offering your dog walking, car washing or lawn mowing skills, take some pencil time to pick up groceries, or offer a few times a week to work out in the kids’ backyard.

You can also share your skills or hobbies online. Is art or photography your favorite? Can you make a gorgeous virus blocking face mask? Try to create an Etsy store with your original designs or the best artwork and promote your store with family, friends and social media.

Support a worthy cause

While this job may not make a lot of money, you will leave feeling satisfied and possibly with some extra karma points. If you can’t find a suitable virtual summer job, consider donating your time to a virtual volunteer project or social justice advocacy. There are many great national and local affairs to spend your time and energy on right now.


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