Fix This IPhone Battery Error by Ditching Apple Music

Cases of the weird iOS battery draining bug are on the rise and the Apple Music app seems to be the culprit, with reports showing the app can quickly eat up to 95 percent of a device’s battery for no reason. The issue affects a wide range of iOS devices, but most recent cases seem to be running iOS version 13.5.1 (although cases have been reported in earlier versions as well).

Sometimes the errors have a clear cause, but no one has identified why some users are experiencing Apple Music app battery drain. Unfortunately, there is no clean bug fix either.

To learn more about battery life, watch the video below:

Apple has yet to comment on the Apple Music app bug despite a sharp rise in cases following the iOS 13.5.1 update. Hopefully when more and more users are reporting the same issue on so many devices, there will be an official patch soon.

Until then, there are a few short term fixes that may help you. The most effective solution (for now) is to uninstall the Apple Music app from your device. In some cases, users can reinstall the app without repeating the error, but others are not so lucky. Here are some more possible solutions that have been suggested by Mac rumors:

  • Force close the Music app.
  • Reboot / restore your iPhone.
  • Disable automatic downloads (Settings -> Music -> Automatic downloads).
  • Disable background app refresh (Settings -> General -> Background app refresh -> Turn off music).
  • Disable mobile data (Settings -> Music -> Mobile data).
  • Cancel all downloads in your music library.

None of these are reliable fixes, so you may need to try a few before anything works (if at all). If you uninstall and reinstall the Apple Music app and it still drains your iPhone’s battery even after trying these additional changes, your only option is to uninstall it temporarily. We hope you’re not overly attached to your playlists – or at least don’t mind listening through your HomePod or web browser .


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