Store Extra Bottles of Sunscreen Wherever You Need Them

Many of us don’t use sunscreen as often as we should . Sometimes this is because we do not reapply it often enough (you have to apply more every two hours when you are outdoors, and more often if you are swimming) or we don’t apply as much as we really need. in the first place (you should use more than 30 grams if you cover your beach-clad body from head to toe).

But sometimes we don’t use sunscreen simply because we don’t have a bottle on hand. You can forget about taking sunscreen, for example, until you leave the house – and by then it’s too late to run home and take the bottle out of the closet in the bathroom. If you remember to toss sunscreen in your purse, backpack, or beach bag, it will most likely stay there until the next morning (or, let’s be honest, for the next three days), which means you will most likely say yourself you don’t have time to dig it, even if it occurs to you to put it on.

There is, of course, one obvious solution. Buy multiple bottles of sunscreen in different sizes and leave one at a time wherever you may need sunscreen.

The bottle is in the bathroom. The bottle is in the car. A tiny bottle on a keychain, a travel bottle in a purse or backpack, and a huge bottle in a beach bag.

Productivity expert Laura Vanderkam recently explained how the technique helped her family use more sunscreen:

In theory, we could just keep a giant spray bottle and pipe in the hallway, since this is where we usually leave the house. But over the years, I’ve learned that sunscreen is more likely to spill out of the bottle on the body if it’s ridiculously convenient. So now we have a back door stash ready for anyone entering the backyard. We also have a bottle on the back porch in case someone sneaks out the back door without noticing the stash. We have bottles in our cars. Are the kids going to camp? They have tubes in their bags. A small surcharge means we don’t hunt. We do not carry sunscreen from place to place. And so it gets used.

Placing a bottle of sunscreen wherever you need it is like leaving a gift for yourself in the future. For years, I have kept individual bottles of sunscreen in my bathroom, purse and backpack, and I can’t tell you how many times having an extra tube of sunscreen has saved my skin. So, if you can afford to stock up on a few bottles of sunscreen, start stashing them everywhere: bathrooms, hallways, backpacks, beach bags, glove compartments, hipster waist bags, and wherever you think you might use them.


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