Buy Cheap Home Gym Equipment Now

I think this year I had a pretty good instinct. I ordered a barbell and some bumpers in March, the day before my county announced the closure of gyms. I told you at the end of March that this will all be over soon . And two weeks ago, just before the number of cases really started to rise, I pointed out that it would only get worse .

Since I’m a dumbass at heart, I have one key recommendation, and my track history tells you to trust it: right now (depending on your location) is the time to buy home gym equipment.

To learn more about home workouts, watch the video below:

Remember when all the kettlebells disappeared at the beginning of March , when thousands of people realized that in the foreseeable future they would be practicing at home? If gyms are starting to open in your area, some of them are probably ready to give up their equipment. And you, if you are smart, continue to study at home a little more.

Deadline warning: If your city’s gyms aren’t open yet, your window of opportunity will open soon. If gyms in your area have already opened and then closed again, it may be too late. (I would keep checking Craigslist just in case.)

New equipment is returned to stock from some vendors, but I have always been an advocate of buying used equipment. For dumbbells, barbells and iron plates, a good budget buy at Before Times would be 50 cents a pound, with $ 1 a pound still being a smart buy. (Specialty or high quality items such as bumper pads or competition weights are always more expensive.) During quarantine in my area, the weight was often $ 2-3 a pound, if you could get it at all; today they have dropped to $ 1 again.

If COVID cases spike in your area and gyms close again, you’ll be glad you’re hooked on something before prices soar again. And if I’m wrong and the gym stays open, your purchases will still allow you to work out at home, which is helpful if someone in your life gets sick or needs quarantine. We still have a lot of pandemic to go through.


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