How to Get 3 Months of Free Coffee at Panera

If you’re tired of making quarantine coffee at home, or just need regular iced coffee to fight the summer heat – and if you have a Panera nearby – sign up now and get your free 3-month subscription to MyPanera Coffee +.

That’s right: The Panera Unlimited Coffee Program is free from today until September 7th if you sign up before July 4th.

My Panera Coffee +, which typically costs $ 8.99 / month (plus tax) after signing up for a free MyPanera account, gives you one free hot coffee, iced coffee, or hot tea every two hours (plus unlimited refills while you are inside the cafe).

If you create an account between now and July 4th, this free coffee will be virtually free. Panera waives subscription fees for both new members and current members until September 7th.

To register, simply go to the Panera website and create an account. You will need to enter a credit card, and while you will not be charged upfront or during a three month trial period, you will be automatically billed if you do not cancel your subscription before the next renewal date after September 7th (based on your first registration date). This means that if you sign up on July 3rd, your paid renewal will not happen until October 3rd.

Another fine print to watch out for is that the program does not apply to cold drinks, espresso or cappuccino.

As we mentioned earlier, a Panera coffee subscription is a good deal , even if it’s not free. You will be interrupted even if you only drink one large cup of hot coffee a week on average, and 20 cups of coffee a month will cost you only 45 cents each.

Panera also has an online ordering and curb / drive-by pickup service, so you can make your own coffee while maintaining social distancing.


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