What Do You Want to Know About Moving Abroad?

As an expat (a person who lives and works in a country outside of his own country), I have lived in five different countries around the world (Egypt, Poland, China, Malaysia and Mexico). I am often asked a variety of questions, from what made me take the leap, to what the cost of living is and whether it is much cheaper to live in another country.

Now it’s time for me to answer your questions, traveling family. I want to know everything you want to know about moving and living abroad.

Right now, many companies are looking to allow more employees to work from home or even remotely, which gives you more freedom than ever before.

You may be vegan and fear that places outside of America won’t have many options for you. Lie! My husband is vegan and has lived in 8 countries.

Or maybe you have debts and think that you shouldn’t even think about moving abroad until you sort it all out. Lie! I had student loan debt and other debts, and thanks to the combination of living in low cost of living countries and the amazing personal finance articles we have up to two cents , I was able to pay off my debts and boost my credit score.

No questions are discussed (unless it is wildly offensive). I am ready to tell you all the details of moving abroad for couples, single people, parents, retirees – I can cover it all.

Add your questions in the comments section and I’ll work on stories to help you get started on your journey.


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