What’s on Netflix in July 2020

A quick look at Netflix’s new original offerings this month quickly reveals my personal biases. For example, I am well aware of geek-friendly hotels, both new and returning: Umbrella Academy Season 2, based on the comic strip by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba; premiere of “The Damned” based on the novel of the same name by comic book legend Frank Miller; The Old Guard , a superhero film starring Charlize Theron, is also based on the comic. For more information on how to find streaming services, watch the video below:

I’m in awe of the new Nanny Club series (the books are classics for teenagers, but the phenomenally popular new adaptations of the graphic novel probably sparked this reboot) because it will delight my 8-year-old daughter. I’m thrilled to see the return of Unsolved Mysteries, a macabre object of my childhood (they kept the title font; hopefully they kept theiconic musical theme too ). On the other hand, it turns out there is a show called Shameless ? And it has 10 seasons? HM. Otherwise, the streamer is getting a ton of great new original documentaries and beloved films this month ( Airplane !, Schindler’s List, Stardust, Karate Kid ), as well as a bunch you don’t want to miss before they’re out ( Her, Back to the Future Probably Not Sex and the City 2 ). In the meantime, Disney + has reclaimed several parts of the franchise in The Incredibles 2, Solo: A Star Wars Story and Ant-Man and the Wasp. Here’s a trailer for Netflix’s new original offerings this month, followed by a list of everything that comes and goes from the streaming service in July:


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