Why Use a Regular Bowl When You Can Use a Cheese Bowl Too?

I love the edible food delivery system. Typically these delivery systems are used in sweet scenarios and often associated with ice cream (cones, waffles), although it can be argued that the Bugle is suitable when used correctly. But in my opinion, the best container for savory edible food is one that is made entirely of cheese.

This is not an entirely new concept with regard to these parts. I used to make cheese cups – sculpt a shot of them – but now, more than ever, I think it’s time to scale things up. The good news is, making a cheese bowl is no more difficult than making a cheese bowl. You just exchange the glass for a basin.

As with cheese cups, start with friko, which is simply a bunch of grilled or baked cheese cooked until crisp. I usually cook my friko in a non-stick skillet, although you can bake it on a silicone baking mat if you like. The amount of cheese you will use depends on how large you want your bowl to be. About a third of the cup will usually work well for a medium-sized container, but ultimately you want a disc of cheese that protrudes a few inches from the base of the bowl you are using to shape it. Start with one layer of grated cheese without wide gaps – you should see specks of the frying pan through the cheese before baking, but only specks.

While I avoid them when making grilled cheese sandwiches, hard cheeses that become greasy when heated are good for making bowls. Cheddar and parma are two of my favorites. The oil separates, forming a lace network of crispy tufts. Start by placing the cheese in a cold skillet, then turn on medium heat. When the edges are dark, but the center still looks slightly “melted” (but not yet browned), remove a large chunk of freeco from the pan and quickly place it on a deep cereal bowl, pressing gently against the edges to help it shape properly. Place the bowl on a paper towel to avoid dripping grease.

When the cheesecake has hardened – it will take about five minutes – carefully remove it from the mold and fill it with chips, or goldfish, or pasta, or rice, or onion sauce, or tuna salad or Caesar salad. Most savory dishes are good on a cheese platter, although a hot soup would be a disaster (unfortunately). Ice cream would be odd in a cheddar bowl, although I think parmesan ice cream could be used.

After you’ve eaten what’s inside the bowl, eat the bowl itself over the very “Gene Wilder” after about three and a half minutes in Pure Imagination . If there is a more iconic edible container moment in the movie. I do not know.


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