How to Prevent COVID-19 While Enjoying Summer

Do you remember how people were confident earlier this year that the pandemic would end when it got warmer?

Well, anecdote …

We are on the cusp of June, and the coronavirus is stronger than ever, so we asked cardiologists Mark Eisenberg and Chris Kelly, authors of the book Am I Dying ?! about what people need to know about the risk of contracting COVID-19 when they play in the sun, now that we know warmer weather will not “kill” the coronavirus.

If you want to visit with friends, it’s better to spend time outdoors (hopefully this is easy to change considering it’s summer now!). Having a picnic in a park or beach is fine, but you still need to keep at least six feet of space between all of your guests. Even if you don’t breathe recirculated air, you can still inhale droplets from other people if you interact too closely or (worse) share a cold drink. Of course, you should still wear the mask as often as possible ( which you already knew ). If you find it too hot or uncomfortable to wear the mask in the sun, you can take it off with a minimum distance.

Then the question arises about the risk of contaminating water with the coronavirus. We haven’t seen any evidence that the virus loves to swim, so as long as you are in a body of water that keeps you at least six feet away from others, you should be fine – just no kiddie pools, lap pools. or jacuzzi with strangers. (The latter could be a good rule of thumb for life even after the pandemic is over.)


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