How to Carry Your Key on the Run

I used to unbutton my shoelaces. We all have. So if I need to stash something of value, like a car key (while I’m running) or a wedding ring (while I’m lifting weights), rubbing it into a lace knot (as suggested on this Reddit thread ) doesn’t seem like a very safe suggestion. … But there is a better way.

I’ve done this with my rings for years, and it also works well with a car key if you’re out on a treadmill and don’t have a zip pocket or sports bra to fill in. (Pro tip for all of us: Place the key on the side of your bra in your underarms / chest area. It might sweat but won’t move).

Anyway, here’s how:

  1. Untie your shoes and remove the lace from the top eyelet.
  2. Thread the ring or key through the string.
  3. Thread the lace back into the eyelet and tie the shoe as usual.

If the key looks like it’s about to pop, just tuck it under the other laces as I did in the photo above.

This way, even if your shoe is untied, the key will be attached to the lace between the eyelets. I’ve never had my shoes unbuttoned while running, have you?

I am convinced that shoes are the best place to put such a small item, because eventually you will have to take off your shoes, which will remind you of where you put your ring or key. No more shit, did I leave it in my pocket? Or in a gym bag? “No, it’s right on the shoe you’re taking off.


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