A Large Amount of Regular Food Is a Good Gift.

My boyfriend loves ketchup. You know, one of those guys who add ketchup to a lot of things, some of which seem a little out of place. (It really bothers me when he puts it in mashed potatoes, for example.) But to love means to accept and even celebrate your partner’s idiosyncrasies, which is why I have a 10-pound bottle of pump-style ketchup in my kitchen.

I gave this guy a lot of thoughtful gifts – a custom lighter holder, old watches delivered from Ukraine, rare comics – but I don’t think any of them will bring him a constant stream of constant joy like the one he gets. from this. 10 lb. bottle of ketchup. The anxiety that used to accompany the question “Do we have enough ketchup?” The question is removed, because we always have enough ketchup. Aside from the fried potatoes and the occasional burgers, I don’t really use it, but the big ketchup has become a gift for me too; I no longer need to keep track of the amount of ketchup in the fridge and deal with the minor emotional consequences that occur when we run out of ketchup (because ketchup never runs out). Plus the pump is pretty fun.

Not everyone loves ketchup as much as my boyfriend, but everyone loves some kind of everyday food so much, and this item is always a great gift. My friend Katie is obsessed with a certain brand of dipping spices (which her mother gets her from Florida), my friend Christina is constantly craving for a certain turkey chili, and I am in constant need of Diet Coke. At last week’s AA Newton showed up to me with an unexpected 12-pack of DC, and to be honest, Santa had to wrap it up .

The food or drink doesn’t have to be fancy – in fact, it’s much more effective when it isn’t. The cheaper and more popular the food, the more it can be bought and the more impressive your gift will be. My friend Dan – you know Dan – bought a Costco-sized serving of instant ramen for a college girl and she was in love with a real wall of noodles. (Aside from your local restaurant store, Costco is the best place to buy these gifts.)

Obviously, products for long-term storage or freezers are best suited here, since a large amount of perishable food causes a lot of pressure. So stick with what’s good out of the fridge. Ketchup is doing pretty well, which is good because we still have about two pounds to eat.


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