It’s Time to Ask Us Burning Questions About Health

I’m excited to announce the return of Lifehacker’s Burning Questions, a column in which I answer health questions that people can’t – or don’t want – to Google. Let me remind you that this is not medical advice and I am not a doctor.

However, I’m not afraid to ask the doctor what you don’t want. For example, how to check a mole in the crack of the buttocks without dying of shame. Or do penises bend more with age ? Or why you have gas and diarrhea during your period .

However, burning questions should not be rude or embarrassing. We said, why do you constantly pimples in one and that same position , and it is possible if sick with scurvy, eating one only ramen (yes, but it’s not easy). I think one of my favorite questions was from someone who was worried they might reveal a long-buried family secret under anesthesia . Fortunately, the answer turned out to be no: Anesthesia can lower your inhibitions, but not so much.

So now is 2020. We have a lot to think about, especially when the world around us is changing. So if you have any questions about health or the human body, let me know. I’ll be checking the comments below, but for your best chance of getting your question answered in a future column, please email me with a “READY QUESTION” in the subject line. Unless you say otherwise, I will quote from your letter, but keep your name a secret.


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