Please Do Not Disinfect Your Skin

You shouldn’t need to sanitize your products , you definitely shouldn’t wash products in disinfectants , and I really hope you follow our advice not to inject bleach . It’s time to add one more thing to the list of things I didn’t think I had to say: please don’t use cleansers on your skin or any other part of your body.

Look, disinfectants – like lysol and bleach – have labels with instructions on how to use them. Since they are regulated by the EPA along with pesticides , there is actually a bit of science behind these regulations. If you want to protect yourself from the coronavirus, there is a list of specific foods that are suitable for this . These are usually surface cleaners. They are designed to be used on tables, floors, doorknobs, etc.

Now that we’ve established that there are appropriate products to choose from and appropriate ways to use them, it’s time to talk a little about what some of you do and should n’t. Please do not put disinfectants on the body. Do not spray your hands with lysol. Don’t gargle with bleach.

A study in April showed an increase in poison control calls for detergent incidents. Most recently, the CDC surveyed Americans on how they use cleaning products using a sample of 500 people that should be representative of the US population. They found that many of us don’t know the basics of cleaning product safety — for example, never mix bleach and vinegar.

Even more alarming, 39% of people said they did something in the last month that was on their list of unsafe practices, such as washing fruits and vegetables with bleach, applying sanitizer to their skin, gargling with disinfectants or soapy water. , or inhale the vapors from cleaning products. And 25% reported “adverse events” related to health, such as irritation to the skin or eyes from the cleaning product. (This question was separate from unsafe methods, but people who confessed to one unsafe method were much more likely to also answer yes to the question that the cleaning agent harmed them.)

So, to summarize:

  • Always read the instructions
  • Wear gloves and safety goggles if necessary (read instructions).
  • Do not mix cleaning products
  • Do not use cleansers on the body or on the body.
  • Wash your hands after using cleaners or disinfectants.
  • Use cleaning agents with adequate ventilation (read instructions again).

If you want to wash your hands, just use soap and water . Thank you.

To learn more about how to properly use a disinfectant, watch the video below:


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