How to See Jupiter, Mars and Saturn Rise Every Day This Month

Everything in the world can be pretty dire right now, but at least we’ll see Jupiter, Mars and Saturn rise every day in June 2020. Although Jupiter and Saturn are the largest in the solar system, they’re not the smartest. But this month, both gas giants will be more visible than usual, and as a bonus, you’ll be able to see Mars to the left of the other two planets.

How to see the “planet rising”

On clear nights this month, and depending on where you live, you will be able to see Saturn and Jupiter from 11 p.m. until dawn . Then, just before sunrise, look for Saturn and Jupiter in the southeast, somewhere where you have a good view of the horizon. Mars should appear at dawn to the left of Saturn.

“The Jupiter Triangle, Saturn and Mars are epic things to look for in the early morning, but if you want to sleep late, you can watch them rise,” says Jackie Faherty, an astrophysicist at the American Museum in New York. natural history told Forbes . “Planetary rising and setting is an underestimated phenomenon that humans can truly enjoy.”

Since the time a planet rises depends a lot on your location, you probably want to know when it’s brightest in your area. These three apps will help you figure out when to go outside:

When you watch a planet rise, you are essentially looking at the solar system in real time, including how the planets are moving relative to each other. “The laws of planetary motion are that the planets that are closest to the Sun are the fastest, and the planets that are farthest move the slowest, Faherty told Forbes .

There will be more events in the night sky as we approach the summer solstice, so check back here for updates.


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