Make the Best and Fastest Burnt Onion Onion Sauce

Onion sauce is perhaps my favorite sauce, but onion caramelization is both annoying and tiring. Since I’m always a little annoyed and hate to be bored, now I’m completely focused on the burnt onion lifestyle and started replacing caramelized onions with fried ones when making onion sauces.

Please get me wrong: I love the taste of caramelized onions, but I don’t want to cook something that needs to be cared for and ignored at the same time. Stir too much and they caramelize for over an hour; stir them too rarely and they burn (and takes more than 45 minutes to caramelize completely). But if you get impatient and deliberately set the little boys on fire, you can make a very aromatic onion sauce in a short time.

In all fairness, many of the nuances of caramelized onions can be lost if you mix them with a lot of sour cream and / or mayonnaise. However, the deep, seared, piquant, slightly bitter taste of burnt onions is a little more difficult to confuse, no matter how much fat you add to it. (This is why they work very well for ranch dressing .) You don’t need a special burnt onion sauce recipe; Any recipe that uses caramelized onions (like this one ) will work. Just take the same amount of onion and fry it in a little oil over medium to high heat until it looks like this:

Let the onion cool, add it to the sour cream, drizzle with Worcestershire sauce, MSG, and possibly some onion and garlic powder. If you want a smoother dipping, you can mix half of them with sour cream. Once everything is mixed, refrigerate in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to allow the sauce to solidify and the flavors to blend. Serve with lots of potato chips.


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