This Interactive Map Shows Which Countries Are Open for Travel

On the eve of summer, it’s hard not to think about travel. This is not only the traditional vacation season, but also the months where we are locked up and most of us are probably eager to explore something new. Of course, given that we are in the midst of a global pandemic when traveling – especially by plane – is not a good idea, planning your trip can be more fantasy than reality these days. Either way, you might be curious about which countries are open to tourists. In this case, the Interactive Map produced by the International Air Carriers Association is a great tool.

Regularly updated with the latest information, you can click on any country on the map and find out what you need to know about travel restrictions related to the COVID-19, on the fact , that it is necessary to visit and if you are eligible for it. (And the countries are not labeled on the map, so if you didn’t like the geography lesson, you might need a little help from something like Google Maps to figure out where you should click.)

Europe is set to reopen its borders to travelers from outside the European Union on June 15, and some countries in Asia, such as Thailand , are planning to do so on July 1, expecting new rule changes to come soon. And as they point to God Save the Points :

If a country had introduced mandatory testing, a health declaration or a new visa before you were allowed to fly, the IATA interactive map would be the first place to find this information and track it. Airlines are great, but the burden of what you need to prepare before you travel is not with them, but with you.

While you are doing this, you should also check , which provides constantly updated information on travel restrictions for each country. Again, we’re not saying you should travel again, but it’s nice to have the information close at hand.


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