How to Know If Your Local Prosecutor Is Prosecuting the Police

Coping with police violence is a complex issue that requires a number of solutions. When it comes to bringing police officers to justice, your local prosecutor is crucial. An attorney’s job is to represent local, state, or federal governments in court, help investigate crimes, and decide whether to charge anyone with a crime. When it comes to police violence, they are the ones who decide whether a police officer will be charged and how to do it.

Prosecutors are often elected officials, which means they must be held accountable to voters. To do this, it is critical to know who your local attorney is, what their track record is in dealing with police violence, and when their next elections are coming up, and vote accordingly.

Color of Change , a civil rights organization that campaigns against racial injustice, has put together a directory where you can find your local attorney . Searchable by keyword or zip code, this directory provides notes on prosecutor’s records and when their next election will take place. This handbook is part of an effort to hold government officials accountable.

“Because people don’t pay attention to prosecutors, the prosecutor’s office is acting discreetly,” Rashad Robinson, president of Color of Change, told Fast Company . “More than 70% of prosecutors are now running without resistance. These are people who don’t even feel pressure from the public. They feel pressure from the police unions, but not from the public. “

With over 2,400 prosecutors included in this directory, Robinson also encourages people to do their own research with their local attorney, which they can submit to the directory. It is also a good idea to conduct a preliminary study of candidates running for prosecution service, which includes questions about how they will deal with police violence.

Then, as election day approaches, be sure to vote. The change is happening at many different levels, including making sure your local attorney is committed to tackling police violence.

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