How Much Should You Save at Any Age?

The question of how much money you should have accumulated by the time you reach a certain age is a persistent question in personal finance – right here, how to create a budget and how to start investing . But, as with many other financial solutions, there is no one magic number that works for everyone.

Fidelity proposes to save your annual income 30 times, three times 40, save seven times 55 and save 10 times 67. track throughout your working years.

For many people, these numbers are simply not possible. The US Government Audit Office reported in 2019 that 48% of households 55 and older do not have retirement savings. It may be best to think about retirement savings not in terms of your current salary, but rather in terms of your expenses and future expenses. Do you want to maintain your current lifestyle? Decrease? Are you going to work at all? How Much Will Your Social Security Benefit Be?

You need to think a lot. Another option is to aim to save 12 to 15% of your paycheck each year, as Vanguard advises , or use this slightly more complex formula from Schwab.

No plan works for everyone, but they all accomplish the same thing: Create a frame of reference for how much money you want to have and work to achieve it. Do you use any of these methods for setting savings goals, or have you already come up with them yourself?

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